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The backbone of “my family tree” is a database of information with over 16,000 family members.  Using  “The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding” ©, v. 13, written by Darrin Lythgoe a genealogy application.  This application together with a MySQL database presents my family database in various genealogical views.  I serve as the administrator for all my websites, all websites reside in my home, and on my personal servers.

The genealogical community has long debated issues of privacy and the information that should be made public for individuals who are still living. Privacy and legislation vary considerably from country to country, from state to state, and from county to county. There is a large amount of online data and in-print information that is already available for anyone who are still living.  I have searched on-line for information continuously, and have pulled an abundance of information that is contained in my database.  Examples of information that I have found is in obituaries, they routinely list the names of survivors.  Public records exist nationwide containing names, addresses, and telephone numbers.  Birth, marriage, military enlistment, and draft registration records may contain birthdates.  A wide range of miscellaneous documents and information is available on the Internet.  Many view this as sensitive data that should not be provided on a family tree for individuals who are still living.

I have attempted to initiate the following privacy policies for my websites:

  • Individuals lacking a death date and born after 1920 are presumed to be living.
  • Individuals presumed to be living, the only information about that individual that will be displayed without user account will be the name.
  • Only family members may register and receive a user account that will have access to the database that has information on living individuals in the family tree.
  • If any living family member wishes not to have their name appear on my websites, please contact me and I will make the necessary changes so that your name will not be displayed.


      Photographs of living individuals can be considered personal data.  All the photographs in my family tree have been collected from family members, the internet, and from other genealogical sites. Most of my photos are personally owned by me.

Personal Data Suppression

By default, individuals in my genealogy database are considered to be ‘living’ if they have no death date, and they were born 100 years before the present date. To ensure the privacy of such ‘living’ individuals, my sites require users to log in.  Family members are the only individuals who will have access to my websites. WebTree will provide information with out a log in, but no “living” relatives will appear without logging in.


Family members can request an account at any time.  If an individual wants an account you must indicate how you are related to an individual already in our database. If you are not related, you will not normally be granted a user account unless a very special reason is identified. In this case, a temporary or time-limited account can be made available. With registration, you will have full access to the database. You may register on the left side or click here.

Personal information collected by me in trust (email/street addresses, phone numbers, etc.) or as a result of a request for a user account, or suggestion/comment from our visitors guestbook, will not be disclosed to any person or entity for any purpose.  Only exception would be to prevent or detect a crime. Please be aware that much of this information is already in the public domain and may be readily available to others using internet search engines (e.g., Yahoo People Search,,, etc…).

Terms of Use

  • The term “The Website” refers to all main and sub domains of my name BradleyJJohnson.
  • The term “you” refers to any person viewing my Genealogy Websites content using the URLs of :
    •, or
  • My Websites contains copyrighted material and other proprietary information including, but not limited to text, photos, and graphics. The entire contents of my Website is a collective work and all rights are reserved.
  • All of the pages located within the domains and sub domains of the name are accessible to the public for free, without charges or fees of any kind, with the exception of access to data on living persons which is allowed only to family members.
  • For those who wish to use this information for personal, noncommercial purposes, I ask only that you give credit by citing the page url address (http://…) that contains the information you are using, and the name and address of the main page of my Website:

The domain and sub-domains of are owned by Bradley J. Johnson and family.


By using this site, you agree to the following terms of use and any changes thereto:

  • These Websites are for the personal use of the family members. Use by others is limited to the purpose of genealogical research. The content of this site can not be used for any sort of unsolicited mail or commercial purposes.
  • Family members must not share their user name and password with anyone except their current spouse and minor children. They also agree not to share personal data of family members accessible through use of that password without the express permission of the individuals concerned. Members accounts will be terminated immediately if log-in information is passed to an unconnected third party, or if any abuse of privilege is identified.
  • Individual images may be copied by family members for their personal use. General distribution, including use on other websites, is prohibited by copyright law unless permission is obtained from the owner of the photo, living individuals in the photo (if identifiable), or the site owner.
  • Biographies and documents may be copied by family members for their personal use. General distribution (including use on other websites) is prohibited by copyright law unless permission is obtained from the site owner.
  • In the event of permitted copying or distribution of copyrighted material, no changes in, or deletion of, author attribution or copyright notice shall be made. You acknowledge that you do not acquire any ownership rights by downloading copyrighted material.
  • You agree to give appropriate credit for any material from this website that you use in a written document, genealogical database, or website of your own. You agree to include a link to our site on any genealogical web page of yours that makes use of the content on this site.
  • The IP address of any access to any of these websites are logged.
  • The websites owners decision in all matters is final.


  • Every effort has been made to ascertain the accuracy of the data. However, some of the information was provided by others without documented sources, there is the possibility of errors. The website owner cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any content or material found on these Websites or linked to my sites. Furthermore, you agree not to hold any of my Websites or me, agents or data suppliers, responsible for any issues that may arise from the inaccuracy of the content on this site.
  • This database contains information that has been proved as well as information that is speculative and in the process of being proved or disproved.  Do not take everything you find here (or in any other online database) as absolute, complete or 100% accurate.
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