An Introduction ...


     This website was designed to publish our Family Tree.  Due to the size of our tree, it was decided to display it in this format -- a website, instead of printing it. The purpose of my website, as it is with any genealogy site, is to preserve our family history for future generations. This site contain my family genealogy, it includes stories, photos, and source documents related to our history.  


In the beginning ...


      My brother Chris and I started our family tree back in 2008 and worked together on it for the next two years.  Today, I continued to work on it.  In 2016, Chris took the DNA test and two years later in 2018 I took the MyHeritage DNA test.  The results of these test can be found under “Our Family DNA Results.” Genealogy, is the study and tracing of lines of descent.  Many people call it their family history or family tree.  I prefer the latter, because this is how I first displayed it, in tree format.  I think we all should have a sense of duty, to preserve our past, for our children, their children, and all of our future generations.

Map of Muncie, Indiana 1953

Map of Muncie, Indiana 1956

Map of Muncie, Indiana 1986

Current Day Map of Muncie, Indiana