AutoClusters is a new technology on MyHeritage that organizes your DNA Matches into shared match clusters, these are people likely descended from common ancestors.  Each colored cells in the chart (see Brad's AutoCluster DNA) represents an intersection between two of your matches, meaning that both individuals match each other, this is in addition to matching your DNA.  These cells are grouped together physically and by color, to create a powerful visual chart of your shared matches.

     Each color represents one shared match cluster.  Members of a cluster match you and most or all of the other cluster members.  Everyone in a cluster will likely be on the same ancestral line, although the most recent common ancestor between any of the matches and between you and any match may vary.  The generational level of the clusters may vary as well.  One may be your paternal grandmother’s branch, and another may be your paternal great-grandfather’s branch.

You will see several gray cells that do not belong to any color-grouped cluster. They usually represent a shared match where one of the two cousins is too closely related to you to belong to just one cluster. Each of these cousins belongs to a color-grouped cluster, and the gray cell indicates that one of them belongs in both clusters. A group of adjacent gray cells can be an indication that two clusters are related to each other.

Settings used for my AutoCluster analysis:

     My AutoCluster analysis was generated using thresholds of 30 cM (minimum) and 350 cM (maximum).  Addionally, DNA Matches were required to share at least 20 cM with one another in order to be indicated with a colored or gray cell. A total number of 104 DNA Matches ended up in 23 clusters in the final analysis.

These thresholds were automatically selected and adjusted by our algorithms for your analysis, in order to yield the best clusters for your specific DNA kit.

NOTE:  The text and diagrams has been copied from or paraphrased from MyHeritage, DNA results are from MyHeritage All rights reserved. (Copyright © 2006-2018 MyHeritage Ltd)