Our Tree...

     A Family Tree or pedigree chart, (click the Johnson Family Tree menu in the top menu) is a chart representing a family's relationships in a conventional tree structure.  Family trees can have many different themes.  One might encompass all direct descendants of a single person, or all known ancestors of a living person.  The Johnson Family Tree includes all members of our four Grandparent's last name or their surnames and mainly the male-line of descendants.


The simple diagram of the start to our family tree


     Research for the Johnson tree can be found in the reference section of the family tree website or the TNG database. Most of the research came from one or more various sites as well as a general internet searches of family members names .

  • Ancestry.com

  • RootsWeb

  • Fold3

  • Legacy

  • Archives

  • FamilySearch

  • MyHeritage

  • MacFamily Tree

  • Find a Grave.com

  • Find a Tomb.com

  • The bibliography below is a 1033 page document in PDF format

                              -- Bibliography-of-Research