Where did it come from...?


The surname “Farrington" is from the Anglo-Saxon culture and is of English origin.  Recorded as Ffaryton, Farington, Farrington, Forringdon, Forrington, and Forrinton, and probably others ways (many people in the past didn’t know how to spell their last name, therefor misspelling of last name's were common) ,  this is an English locational surname. Farrington is a small village and civil parish in the South Ribble local government district of Lancashire, England.  The original spelling was Ffarington, and later changed to one “f,” the name translating as 'the place where the ferns grow’.

The first Farrington to arrive in the new world was Edward Farrington (1620-1675).  He was part of the Great Migration of Puritans from England to New England (1620–43), arriving in 1635 through Massachusetts Bay, in Boston Massachusetts.

The beginning of the Farrington family started in 1050 with Warine De Ffarynton.  No information can be found on who his father or mother was.  He was born in Worden, Leyland, Lancashire, England and was married in 1079 at age 29, his wife's name has not been discovered.

"The people living in the Great Britain region today are more admixed than most other regions, which means that when creating genetic ethnicity estimates for people native to this area, we often see similarities to DNA profiles from other nearby regions. We’ve found that approximately 60% of the typical natives DNA comes from this region."