Where did it come from...?


The following names are all related to the surname Johnson - “Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone".  The name “Johnson” is found among many of the European nations.  This name is tied to Scandinavians, as well as to the English, Irish, Scottish  and Germans.  Johnson was originally a surname of English origins.  The name itself is a patronym of the given name -“John.” and literally means “son of John.” 

The first Johnson to the America was sometime between the years of 1672 to 1703.  This person, Valentine Johnson (1672-1703), migrated from England to the state of Virginia.    Before this time, the Johnson’s were mainly in Great Britain.  The origins of the Johnson family was “Smerviemore” (1035) who was born in France, and is suspected to be the (illegitimate) son of King Robert I. 

"The people living in the Europe West region are among the most admixed of all our regions, which means that when creating genetic ethnicity estimates for people native to this area, we often see similarities to DNA profiles from other nearby regions. We’ve found that approximately 48% of the typical natives DNA comes from this region."