”Life is lived going forward, but understood by looking backwards.”

Søren Aabye Kierkegaard


     This site attempts to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-DSGVO) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPRI), it uses cookies to ensure the best experience for my websites.  If you continue to use this site I assume that you are in agreement with this policy.  Only one (1) website requires a login, The Next Generation (TNG) "Johnson Family Genealogy.”  You must already be in my database, or can document how you are descended from someone in the database, to register as a family member.  You will then be provided a username, password and a role (for contributing); and be able to view information on ‘living’ individuals as well as having access to all the media.

Why my own site…?    

     There are many reasons... creating a website is a powerful tool for communication, a unique way to connect with the world, and gives people an idea of who you are.   I create this website to share my family's genealogy with other family members.  I have used my own name, i.e. firstname-lastname.com as the domain name to build my site; I also used it to move my personal website up the ranks and secure a top search result.  I have many subdomains to this site, and run all of it from my own servers here in my home.  I have tried to create a professional as well as a family/friendly site. 

     My search for ancestors and descendants, started with my two (2 ) parents and the surnames of my four (4) grand-parents.  My purpose was to create a family history of my family to pass on to future generations.  I have tried to take my family's history to the next level, by looking not just at names, dates, and places, but by placing them into a frame of reference by timelines. By placing my ancestors lives into this context, it tells their stories, and provides an oral history of their lives.  My Genealogy looks not just at this current generation, but the entire family element of each generation, when, where and how they lived, worked, played, and travelled.   Not just their triumphs but their tragedies as well.  But most importantly, to show them in context with places and events, the social, economic, and historical world that they lived in.

One other thought...

      ... another important reason for my own site —  Family member's privacy.  I have put countless hours of research into our family tree, and I do NOT agree or want it available for anyone to access without my family’s permission, especially for family members still living.  And as anyone who works on or in genealogy knows – some of the information that you collect for your tree is never 100% accurate.  My family tree is a work-in-progress, a love-in progress,  I will continue to work on it to improve it, but it is my family’s property and is not intended to be shared with others without their approval.  Finally, I use my own server in my home to maintain control over all data and information. This allows me to maintain some ownership over this information. The family tree data, information, and documents are available for all my family members, and it is up to each of them to decide how the site’s data, information, photos, and documents will be used, copied, or made public.


     The top a menu provides access to different sections of my sites.  Some are subdomains and others are subsections to this main site.  Below I have listed a brief explanation to the various sections of www.BradleyJJohnson.com.

I hope you enjoy browsing through my websites. Thank you for taking a moment to check out my newly designed websites.